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Upcoming Events

place9301 Frazier Pike, Little Rock, AR- 72206

eventOctober 13, 2018 – October 13, 2018

Hare Krishna! After such an energetic and amazing India Fest, we cordially invite all to relish the blissful event of Raas Garbha. We request everyone to bring their own sticks for Dandia. Thank you. Hari Bol!!! Timings for the program: 1. Arati- 7:00 pm 2. Raas Garbha (Dandia)- 7:30pm onwards.

place9301 Frazier Pike, Little Rock, Ar- 72206

eventOctober 27, 2018 – October 27, 2018

Hare Krishna! We will be celebrating this festival by having Karwa Chauth vrat katha followed by arati and bhajans. Timings for the event: 1. Karwa Chauth vrat katha- 6:00 pm to 6:45 pm 2. Arati- 7:00pm

place9301 Frazier Pike, Little Rock, Ar-72206

eventOctober 24, 2018 – November 21, 2018

Dear devotees, The most auspicious month of Kartik also known as Damodar month is beginning from October 24th and ending on November 21st. Kartik is the best, the purest of purifiers, and most glorious of all months. Kartik month is particularly dear to Lord Sri Krishna. This month is full of bhakta vatsalya (transcendental love shared between the Lord and His devotees). Any vrata (fasting), even the smallest, will yield huge results. Kartik or the festival of offering lamps to Lord Krishna, glorifies Lord Krishna’s pastime of being bound with ropes by Mother Yashoda. Sri Radha Madhava Welspun temple invites you to take full advantage of this not-to-let-go opportunity of getting huge result by performing the slightest of service to the lord. We will be offering lamps to their Lordships every evening throughout the Kartik month and sing a special song called Damodarastakam which beautifully describes the pastimes performed by Lord Krishna in this month. Timings are as follows: Arati: 7:00pm Offering Lamp: 7:15pm

place9301 Frazier Pike Little Rock, Ar- 72206

eventOctober 18, 2018 – October 18, 2018

Hare Krishna! We cordially invite you and your family to attend the auspicious event of Dusshera. On this day, Lord Sri Rama hailed victory over the demoniac king Ravana and rescued mother Sita from his illusory clutches. This special day is celebrated to commemorate the victory of Truth over Evil. We can pray to the Lord for his blessings and try to live a life as he taught us by his own example. We will have bhajan and kirtan, and special darshan at 7 pm for the arrival of Lord Ram back to Ayodhya.

placeRiver Market Pavilion, Downtown Little Rock, AR

eventOctober 07, 2018 – October 07, 2018

Ratha Yatra literally means a Festival of Chariot. It originated in India more than 5,000 years ago on the East Coast of Odisha, in a city called Jagannatha Puri. The festival is celebrated in the mood of inviting Lord Krishna back to Vrindavan from Dwaraka, as done by the residents of Vrindavan. This festival is annually held to honor Lord Jagannatha. We started our first Ratha Yatra in Little Rock in 2016 and many people attended the program. We invite you all to come with your family and friends to get the special blessings from the Lord of the universe ( Lord Jagannatha) to bring Peace and prosperity in your lives. Jai Jagannath!!! PLEASE NOTE: The Temple will remain closed from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm on this day. It will open back at 4:30 pm. The timing of the program is as follows: 1. Short speech and Arti of the Lord- 11:00am to 11:30am 2. Ratha Yatra procession- 11:30am to 1:30pm 3. Prasadam- 1:30 pm onwards.