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place9301 Frazier Pike, Little Rock, Ar-72206

eventNovember 08, 2019 – November 08, 2019

Hare Krishna! According to Hindu scripture, the Tulsi plant was a woman named Vrinda. She was married to the demon-king Jalandhar, who due to her piety and devotion to Vishnu, became invincible. Even Lord Shiva could not defeat Jalandhar, so he requested Lord Vishnu to find a solution. Vishnu disguised himself as Jalandhar and tricked Vrinda. Her chastity destroyed, Jalandhar lost his power and was killed by Shiva. Vrinda cursed Vishnu to become black in color and to be separated from his wife, Lakshmi. This was later fulfilled when he was transformed into the black Shaligram stone, and in his Rama avatar, was separated from his wife Sita, who was kidnapped by the demon-king Ravana. Vrinda then drowned herself in the ocean, and Lord Vishnu transferred her soul to a plant, which was henceforth called Tulsi. As a blessing, Vishnu married Tulsi in the form of Shaligram shila on Prabodhini Ekadashi. To commemorate this event, the ceremony of Tulsi Vivah is performed. We will be glad to have your presence and celebrate this sacred event along with your family and friends. Timings for the event; 1) Tulsi Shaligram vivah- 6:15 pm to 7:00 pm. 2) Arati- 7:00 pm followed by Prasad.